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Delimiter is a simple utility used to take a list of numbers and convert them to a comma delimited list. *

* You can use strings instead of numbers and choose your own delimiter, a comma is the default delimiter.

I use Delimiter when I have a series of numbers returned from a SQL Query or from an Excel spreadsheet when I want to perform an 'In' query such as the following:

Select * From Network Where NetworkID In (33804, 98053, 28030, 107439)

Another useful function is the Get Distinct List & Copy' button that returns only instance of each item even if their are multiple occurrences of that item.

After you enter or paste in your list of items, click the 'Add Delimiter & Copy' button or the 'Get Distinct List & Copy' button.

The data is then copied to your clipboard so you can paste it into your SQL query.

The 'Clear' button clears the Items text box.

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